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Geological? Engineering & Exploration Institute of Hebei Province was founded in 1996.10, which was merged and recombinated with three geological organizations all located in Baoding city.办公大楼

Now we have more than?990 employees, 260 among them have middle professional titles, 88 have senior?professional titles (6??professor rank included). We have 6 qualifications with class A: solid mineral exploration, chemical experimentation?and test,??prospecting engineering construction, ore dressing and smelting? test, geological calamity exploration, geological calamity construction; with?2?B-class qualifications: surveying and drawing ,rock and soil engineering prospecting;in addition, we have other 5 C class qualifications such as geophysical exploration.? Capital assets amounts 187 million Yuan.

We have 15 subordinate enterprises, which??have scope of business as follows:regional geological survey, geological and nineral exploration, ore dressing, foundations prospecting, engineering prospecting and construction, construction surveying , geological calamity evaluation and construction, mine security appraisal (ex. coal), hotel and travel, restaurant, gold pearls and jewels examine and sale, printing, metal?ware ?plating zinc, mineral examine and analyzing etc. among them we have the bigest laboratory in north China, the most? authoritative organization about gold pearls and jewels examine in Hebei province, designated hotel of Hebei procincal travel and foreign affairs, designated press of Hebei province, a company ever?had market share more than 37% in Beijing base construction of? high architectures.

花园一角From the foundation to nowadays, the annual? income of Baoding Geological? Engineering & Exploration Institute of Hebei Province has been mounting to over 100 million Yuan from 13 million Yuan, it is walking a steady road with a high speed . Now,?the staff are striving and working ?at?their utmost inspired with the spirit of?the institute "solidarity pragmatic reclamation developing"

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